Contour Map Collection

After studying in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter at the School of Jewellery, she now continues to produce beautiful works from her workshop at the Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works building in Sheffield’s city centre.

Holly's Contour Map Collection focuses on our ties to physical places; our family home, our favourite holiday destinations, the place we first met, the landscape we grew up loving.

'I love it when jewellery has some sort of story or meaning attached to it; this collection is very much about creating truly personal pieces that hold a lot of significance for the wearer. I’m not quite sure what it is that draws me to maps so much, but I think many people feel the same way – I just think they’re endlessly interesting and beautiful.'

Lifting the contour lines from your desired locations, Holly hand pierces their relief into silver and then forms to create precise, miniature wearable landscapes. These can be personalised with hand-stamped or laser engraved initials and dates & tiny granulated or gemstone markers, pin-pointing special locations.

Email - holly.clifford@live.co.uk