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Create an elegant keepsake of a meaningful landscape

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Made to order handmade sterling silver pendant, featuring a 3D silver relief map of a location of your choosing.

Create a highly meaningful gift by turning your home, favourite holiday destination or your place of birth (to name just a few) into pieces of beautiful wearable art. Personalise it further by incorporating a significant date, name or initials, or stamped coordinates onto the back, or even pin point a special location within the map using a tiny silver ball or set stone.

Available in two sizes; 1.9mm or 2.2mm round.

A thoughtful gift to mark memorable occasions such as weddings, births & anniversaries.

Every piece comes beautifully boxed, with its series of maps detailing landmarks and points of interest within the piece.

£195.00 – £338.00

Holly creates all her work by hand from her studio at the Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield. Each piece is handmade to order so please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Click the button below to be taken to Holly's Art Jewellery shop, where you can read more about how to order & create orders!

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Mam Tor Contour Map Pendant.jpg
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Holly Suzanna Clifford - Custom Contour Map Pedant.jpg
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