Wall Art

Large scale contour map wall art showing the topography of a location meaningful to you or loved one, mounted in a bespoke box frame with non-reflective art glass.


Using the contour lines from the location you desire, Holly cuts the topography of the landscape by hand, forms and finishes to your specifications.

Perfect as a house warming gift, wedding or anniversary present, or just as a special, unique reminder of that awesome holiday destination.

The wall art can be to your own dimensions, ranging from A5 size upwards. The larger the piece, the more sections the map will have to be dissected into, due to the limitations of the piercing saw (a jewellers’ fine hand cutting saw!) but this does not affect the accuracy of the map. The maps are generally made using copper, which is then oxidised (blackened) however other metals can be used.

Holly creates all her work by hand from her studio at the Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield.

To discuss designs, lead times and pricing, please email Holly at holly.clifford@live.co.uk

Contour Map Wallpiece.jpg
Contour Map wallpiece - details.jpg